Prosecution and Sentencing of Strangulation and Suffocation Offences Report 2024

IFAS submitted a freedom of information request to the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to obtain data pertaining to the prosecution and sentencing of the first year of Strangulation and Suffocation legislation offences, dating from 7th June 2022 – 6th June 2023. This was designed to follow on from IFAS’s report on police data from the same time period, published in February 2024.

This report on the prosecution, convictions and sentencing data provides an overview of a descriptive analysis of:

  • The breakdown of defendants prosecuted and convicted for strangulation and suffocation offences between June 2022 and June 2023
  • The conviction rate of strangulation and suffocation offences
  • The breakdown of sentence type, split by sex of defendant


Whilst there are limitations to these data – namely that there may be changes the conviction rates as more cases progress through the criminal justice process (our police data reported that 11% of cases had not yet been assigned an outcome) – we hope this provides an insight into a snapshot in time for the criminal processing of strangulation and suffocation. Further work will be completed by IFAS to build on this dataset, and therefore the conclusions drawn from the data will continue to be strengthened.


Download the full report – Prosecution and Sentencing of Strangulation and Suffocation Offences

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