Strangulation Data Capture Guidance


Strangulation Data Capture Guidance


In November 2023, IFAS published a blog Overcoming Challenges in Strangulation Research outlining some perceived challenges in researching strangulation. A number of issues considered revolved around the data being used to draw conclusions – namely the scarcity, lack of consistency, and, usually, lack of broader context of these sources of data. Through all our research outputs to this point (see IFAS Resources) these factors have been consistent hurdles to overcome.

We decided that we wanted to look into this more closely and work to improve the strangulation data landscape. Between November 2023 and March 2024, we ran an online survey to better understand practices around the recording and reporting of strangulation data within front-line services. The aim of the survey was to understand better current practice, and inform the development of data capture guidance for services to better understand and report on strangulation in all its forms.

Included below is a link to the findings from this survey, and subsequently the Data Capture Guidance that has been created to try and address some of the issues highlighted above. This is designed to not just benefit research interests, but hopefully benefit the practice of responding to strangulation more broadly.

Download the guidance – Strangulation Data Capture Guidance

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